Rumor: Sony A7S III Coming with RGBW Sensor

Sony A7S III rumors

Could Sony A7S III become the first interchangeable lens camera to have RGBW sensor? If latest rumors are to be believed, it could surely be so. If it indeed becomes true then the Sony A7S III could well end up having one of the best sensors in its class, where image brightness would be increased by more than 30% in case of high contrast images and noise would be reduced substantially.

Sony already has developed a RGBW sensor which is currently used by the likes of Huawei P8. For the uninitiated, an RGBW sensor is an image sensor with extra white pixels inside it. These white pixels helps in increasing the brightness and reducing noise of the images in certain situations when compared to normal CMOS sensors.

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The A7S III is slated for announcement next spring and it would be interesting to see how the market shapes up if it indeed comes with an RGBW sensor.

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