Rumor: Canon Full-Frame Mirrorless to Come in Place of EOS 6D Mark II?

Canon Watch has received some information where it says that a Canon full-frame mirrorless camera is in the works and there will be no Canon EOS 6D Mark II. The rumor seems to be based on the fact that since the launch of the Canon EOS M5, peoples’ expectation of a full-frame mirrorless from the camera giant have increased and they seem to suggest it is likely Canon might actually go for one sacrificing the next version of 6D.

Canon full-frame mirrorless in place of the EOS 6D Mark II

We do agree that there has been rumor for a long time that there could be a EF mount mirrorless launched by Canon in the coming years, but we don’t believe that it would happen by junking the idea of the 6D Mark II. The EOS 6D is Canon’s entry-level camera in the full-frame DSLR segment and it has given the company huge returns since the day it was launched. So we don’t think Canon would tinker with the position it enjoys currently in the market with a mirrorless.

Canon EOS 6D Amazon B&H
Canon EOS M5 Amazon B&H

We believe both could happen. Canon would launch the 6D Mark II and in the days ahead could also go for a EF mount full-frame mirrorless. Although there is no confirmed news or leaks regarding the EOS 6D Mark II, it is only wise that Canon launches a follow-up of this extremely popular DSLR and go for a Canon full-frame mirrorless separately.

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