Nikon D850 Sets a New DxOMark Sensor Record, Scores a Perfect 100

Nikon D850 is on a roll. Since its release, the camera has been hailed by many as segment best and it has now just conclusively achieved that title. According to the guys at DxOMark, the Nikon D850 comes with a perfect sensor since it has scored a perfect 100 out of 100 in the sensor test carried out by them.

Nikon D850 DxOMark sensor review

Coming to the Nikon D850 itself, the camera features a full-frame backside-illuminated (BSI) sensor, and is the second-highest resolution DSLR available, after the 50.6 MP Canon 5DS series. Advantages of a BSI sensors are many. They capture pixels more effectively and thereby improves dynamic range, color and noise performance of the camera at high ISOs. Lack of an optical low-pass filter means increased sharpness of the photos captured.

Nikon D850  FX-format Digital SLR Camera Body


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Speaking about the D850’s sensor performance, DxOMark says,

The D850’s key strengths are its outstanding color (Portrait score) and dynamic range (Landscape score) at base ISO where it again ranks as the number one among all commercially available cameras we’ve tested for these attributes. Offering outstanding dynamic range of 14.8 EV and color depth of 26.4 bit at base ISO, combined with its massive 45.7Mp resolution, the D850 is a mouthwatering prospect for landscape, studio, portrait, as well as high-end editorial or advertising photographers who are  seeking top-notch image quality for large-scale reproduction and display.


Its low-light ISO (Sports score) of ISO 2660 doesn’t quite live up to its other scores, but it’s still a very acceptable result, and taking into account sensor size, resolution, and resulting pixel pitch, the D850 fairs pretty well for ISO performance.

When it comes to image quality, the Nikon D850 is “unrivaled” by any existing DSLR, although the Sony A7RII and the RX1R IIcomes close. To know more click the source link below.


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