Nikon D820 to be Announced by End of July

The much rumored Nikon D820 (or Nikon D850) could be announced by the end of July 2017. The full frame DSLR would replace the existing Nikon D810 in the world market. But it is highly likely that the announcement could be delayed to August. So far this is what has been rumored about the upcoming Nikon DSLR:

Nikon D820


  • The camera will be called D820 (D850 is still a possibility)
  • 45-46MP sensor
  • Improved low and high ISO
  • New and improved version of SnapBridge
  • No built-in GPS
  • Tiltable LCD screen
  • Memory card slots: one SD and one XQD
  • AF system from the Nikon D5

Source: Nikon Rumors


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