Nikon D5500 Firmware Ver. 1.02 Released

Nikon has released a new firmware update for the existing Nikon D5500. This new Nikon D5500 firmware Ver. 1.02 seeks to correct a few issues with the camera. They are:

    • If you press the right of the multi selector with [My Menu] -> [My Menu Register] -> [Custom Menu]> c [AE Lock Timer],
      you will be unable to operate the camera.
    • When shooting live view, if you attach Speedlight SB – 800 to the camera and perform a touch shutter operation with auto focus, the
      shutter may not be able to be removed.
    • In combination with a lens (E type) of an electromagnetic iris capable of autofocus, when taking a still image in live view, proper exposure may not be obtained.
    • If you take your eyes off the viewfinder after shooting with viewfinder shooting, the image immediately after shooting may not be displayed on the image monitor and the Info screen may be displayed.
    • Turning the shooting mode dial may not save the settings of [Custom Menu]> a [Auto Focus]> a 3 [AF Auxiliary Luminance Setting].

Nikon D5500 Firmware Ver. 1.02

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Here it’s important to note that When this version upgrade is done, since the camera is not recognized in Ver.2.22.0 or earlier of Windows version Camera Control Pro 2, please install Ver.2.23.0 or later.

To download or know more about this firmware update click on the link given below.

Nikon D5500 firmware update Ver. 1.02

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