New Panasonic G9 to be a Cheaper GH5 for Still Photographers?

According to 43 Rumors, the new Panasonic G9 could well be a cheaper version of the Panasonic GH5 and would be meant for photographers. The GH5 was more targeted for videographers.

Panasonic G9

It is being said that the G9 would be less expensive than the GH5 while retaining the 4K capability. It will also feature a top plate LCD display like the ones you see in Canon and Nikon cameras.

Rumored specs of the Panasonic G9:

  • 20MP LIVE CMOS Sensor
  • Top plate LCD Display like pro DSLRs
  • 80MP Files
  • It can stitch together 6 pics and create 1 GB files
  • 60 pic frame burst
  • Shipping After Dec 25, 2017

As you can see from the photo below, the G9 is already being tested.

Panasonic G9 in testing


Source: 43 Rumors

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