Fotodiox Fusion Adapter: Now Use Your Nikon Lenses on Sony Cameras


Fotodiox Fusion adapter for Nikon lenses on Sony E Mount cameras

Good news if you happen to own both Nikon and Sony cameras. Now with the help of the Fotodiox Fusion adapter you can use your Nikon lenses on Sony E mount cameras such as the Sony A7R II. This neat little thing is already being termed as a game changer since it offers both versatility and full electronic control over aperture and autofocus for Nikon F lenses mounted on Sony E mount cameras.

But it’s not the first time an adapter of this kind has been released in the market. So what’s new with the Fotodiox Fusion adapter? here you must know that most Nikon lens adapters use a bespoke physical ring to control the aperture, but when it comes to the Fusion adapter, aperture of the lens can be controlled from the camera itself. Fotodiox has termed this technology ‘Fusion Drive’. It also comes with electronic communication to communicate with Nikon AF-S and AF-I lenses. Because of this, you can effectively use both autofocus and VR of Nikon lenses and the camera can read and save EXIF metadata of your photos with ease.

According to Fotodiox, this device will also work on older Sony cameras that used contrast detection and on cameras with phase detection (e.g. Sony A6000, A6300, A6300, A7, A7 II, and A7R II) the autofocus will work much faster.

At $370 a piece, the Fotodiox Fusion adapter can be bought from here.


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