First Set of Nikon D7300 Rumored Specs are Here

It is being said that the newest in the Nikon D7xxx series, the Nikon D7300 would be announced sometime this year. The rumors mills are up and running and the first set of Nikon D7300 rumored specs are already here. According to those, the Nikon D7300 would have

  • 20MP sensor (same sensor from the D500)
  • 4K video
  • 51 points AF

Nikon D7300 rumored specs

The Nikon D7200 already uses a Multi-CAM 3500 II DX 51-Point AF Sensor. It is highly likely that the Nikon D7300 would borrow the Multi-CAM 20K Autofocus sensor from the Nikon D500 and would offer a lower highest shutter speed to keep balance in the product range.

Source: Nikon Rumors

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