Canon EOS 1D C Mark II to Come in 2017 with 8K Video Capability

Canon brought the EOS 1D X Mark II early in 2016 and it offered many improvements over its predecessor viz. 4k recording. But videographers are still waiting for a 8K capable Mark II version of the Canon EOS 1D C. We have learnt that a Canon EOS 1D C Mark II is in development with 8K capability and might be launched sometime in 2017.

Canon EOS 1D C Mark II

The Canon EOS 1D C was always meant primarily for videographers when it was launched in 2013 – almost a year after the EOS 1D X was launched. Launch price of the camera was $15,000, which dropped to $12,000 shortly after. But now the camera is selling for $5000 which indicates the discontinuation of the product as the company is trying to clear the existing stock.

Canon EOS 1D C Amazon B&H
Canon EOS 1D X Mark II Amazon B&H

This is exactly why strong rumors are doing rounds that Canon EOS 1D C Mark II will soon be launched to replace the EOS 1D C. There is a strong possibility that it could be announced during the NAB show in April since the event primarily is meant for videographers.

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